The Friends  of Avinença.


Firstly, who or what is Avinença?

(This is a word meaning approximately ‘agreement/ acting together’ in valencian)

Avinença is a non-government Valencian Community organization  founded in 2005 and  operating in the provinces of Valencia, Alicante and Castellon with the aims of  conservation of the environment, highlighting  the loss of habitats caused by urban development  etc and combating  the erosion of the culture, crafts and customs of the Comunidad.

Visit their website at  (which is in the Valencian language ) or go to the huge 'Eco Portal'   which is in Castellano and describes the NGO further. (a site worth exploring!)


Who are ‘The Friends’

A Land for All of Us.

It was realized that many of the ‘resident foreigners’ were just as concerned about damage to the environment and wanted to know more about the activities of local conservation experts.  Many of these ‘ex-pats’ could themselves have useful knowledge and skills that could help.

  A group was formed, with the enthusiastic co-operation of the ‘parent’ Avinença organization.  It is not an official association, has no committee and charges no subscriptions.  A central coordinator receives suggestions ‘from above’ for interesting visits and disperses the information to all registered members, both through this website and by email.  The only fees charged are to cover transport costs etc.


By visiting sites throughout the Comunidad, we hope to learn more of the projects underway and sometimes participate in activities such as replanting damaged areas (nothing too strenuous!). Our Lagoon project in Moraira shows the range of flora and fauna which needs to be preserved in the region.


The principle of ‘stewardship’ is very important in Spain, in that land which is unused, neglected and not currently required for use by the owner can, with suitable agreements, be restored to productivity by third parties.  This is the basis for our Olive Grove Project in Beniarbeig.

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