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Registration & Payment using Paypal


The system of registration and payment is built into our website provider’s system, so although somewhat pedestrian, we cannot change it.  New members (and some of the older ones) may find it a little confusing.  We hope these notes will help. 

Firstly you must be ‘logged on’ in the name of the main member, usually the ‘lady of the house’ for a couple. 

The forthcoming events/excursions appear on our Home page and also on the Events page.  If you wish to attend, click Register on either. 

The first screen confirms your email address.  Click Next. 

The next page is where you add any guests, (which includes husbands/partners/friends etc.  So a couple would be the main member + 1 guest.  Click Next. 

Next page is called Review and Confirm.  This summarizes who is coming, how many guests and how much it will cost you.  You are responsible for the cost of guests! This is the last point at which you can Cancel; going further will ‘set the wheels in motion’ and a bill will be raised.  If completely happy, press Continue with Payment.  (This generates an email from FoA confirming your registration.) 

My Profile opens up, listing your previous trips, payments and invoices.

You are given the option to Pay Online; this is our preferred system of payment; a) it is preferable to fiddling with money on the coach and b) it ensures that we are paid.

Unfortunately, we have suffered from people registering and then not turning up, which costs us money and leaves empty seats which could have been filled, so you must pay within 10 days of your initial registration or your registration will be cancelled and you will be put to the back of the waiting-list.  

Having pressed Pay Online you will be sent to the PayPal account page. 

You fill in all the required details, (name, email address, address, credit card number etc  and once happy press Confirm and the amount is automatically charged to your card and credited to the FoA account.  You will receive an email from PayPal confirming the transaction and another from FoA confirming the invoice is settled.


PayPal Accounts. 

You can go through this payment procedure every time or, try something which is well worth doing, open a PayPal account. 

PayPal is incredibly secure and reliable, they carry out millions of transactions and all your details are encrypted, so no need to worry about giving your details. 

Click the section ‘Open a PayPal Account. 

You will be asked to provide all your usual details and Credit Card number, as before, then a password. (Remember all the good advice about passwords; don’t use PASSWORD or your dog’s name and make sure you will be able to remember it). Click to confirm all that. 

That’s about it.  You will receive yet another email from PayPal to confirm that you, personally, have set up the account and you activate it by clicking the ‘Confirm my email address’ section. 

In future all you need to do to pay for your trips is enter your password on the Paypal screen; all other details are sorted out automatically. 

(You will, of course, receive occasional emails with ‘special offers’ from PayPal, but that’s what the Delete button is for.)


Please read the Terms and Conditions for further information.





Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions

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